Soar to New Heights: “Flying Boat” Documentary Takes Flight on Amazon

Exciting news for aviation enthusiasts and documentary lovers – “Flying Boat” is now streaming on, bringing the legendary Grumman Albatross to screens worldwide. This cinematic experience, directed by Dirk Braun, takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey into the heart of aviation history, celebrating the unique blend of form and function embodied by the iconic flying machine.

Special Fly-In Appearance: A Grumman Albatross Soars to Celebrate

To mark the film’s unveiling, a spectacular Grumman Albatross aircraft, a star in the movie, will make a special fly-in appearance on Saturday, July 24, 2021, just before the World Premiere. Joining the celebration will be director Dirk Braun and pilot Joe Duke, who both played key roles in the film. This extraordinary event promises a firsthand encounter with the aviation marvel that takes center stage in “Flying Boat.”

Limited Edition Posters: A Collectible Tribute

In the spirit of celebration, Dirk Braun is offering aviation enthusiasts and documentary aficionados a chance to own a piece of history. Sales from 100 limited edition fine art “FLYING BOAT” film posters, both signed and framed, will be donated to three esteemed organizations – the Pan Am Museum Foundation, Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, WI, and Aspen Flight Academy. These collectible posters serve as a tangible tribute to the timeless legacy of the Grumman Albatross.

About the Film: Soaring Beyond the Skies

“Flying Boat” is not just a documentary; it’s an immersive experience that delves into the essence of flying the legendary Grumman Albatross. Across 77 minutes, the film unfolds the stories of 10 passionate mechanics and pilots dedicated to restoring, flying, and maintaining the last remaining examples of this iconic aircraft. The narrative goes beyond the mechanical to capture the freedom, aspiration, and the poetic dance between man and machine.

Preserving History for Generations: A Cinematic Mission

Beyond the thrill of aviation, “FLYING BOAT” underscores the importance of preserving the flying boat history for future generations. The documentary seamlessly weaves breathtaking aerial footage with untapped archival material, offering a nostalgic glimpse into an era of adventure and romance.

How to Dive into “FLYING BOAT”

For those eager to embark on this cinematic journey, “FLYING BOAT” is now available on To enhance the celebration, limited edition posters, a neon sign, and fine art prints related to the film can be purchased by reaching out to [email protected].

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this high-flying adventure. Stream “Flying Boat” on Amazon, and own a piece of aviation history with the limited edition posters. Let the skies come alive with the spirit of the Grumman Albatross!

Stream “Flying Boat” on Amazon